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Astrologer predicts Nintendo's future

by rawmeatcowboy
03 January 2007
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An astrologer reads Nintendo’s future…

Nintendo is intelligent, good in positioning itself on the market, and it makes attractive products. There is a lot of attention given to the form (Venus in Libra). It is an enormously competitive company, and will attract a certain sort of gamer, the more intellectual types and people who find the “look” and feel of the product at least as important as what it does. Nintendo is a company that wants to lead the parade in a unique way. Apple is a similar sort of company.

Then the Nintendo Wii. This launch horoscope once again shows- in this case a particularly strong Scorpio theme. This is interesting, because Scorpio is a fixed sign and the Nintendo Wii is an active product. Gamers are used to sitting down to play, with the Wii, you have to get out of your chair. Will hard-core gamers change their behaviour? Sorry, but this horoscope does not fit the product. It is difficult to imagine that Nintendo will have a quick success story with the Wii. Also Nintendo’s birth chart shows that the company has its progressed Sun in square with its radix Saturn. This suggests that in general, the company will have to work hard – very hard – to book results.

I hope I am not the only one who laughed about this. I am not saying anything bad against astrology, just the fact that it is being used to predict the future of the console wars. Now we need a palm reader to look at Iwata, Kutaragi, and Moore’s hands.

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