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Sixaxis controller didn't win Emmy, Nintendo and Sony both won! *UPDATE

by rawmeatcowboy
09 January 2007
GN 1.0 / 2.0

I am sure you guys have seen this story over the past couple days. I held back from posting on the site, simply because it was 100% Sony related, and the only reason to post it would be to complain.

Incase you haven’t heard the story, I’ll give you the quick rundown. Sony put a press release stating that the PS3 Sixaxis controller had won an Emmy from the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences with a Technology and Engineering (see press release here) Long story short, Sony wasn’t telling truth.

Sony won an Emmy for their dual shock controller in the category of Peripheral Development and Technological Impact of Video Game Controllers. Guess who else won one…Nintendo! It seems that Nintendo won the Emmy relating to the D-Pad. You can see that press release here.

I’d like to know how the Sony press release SNAFU happened in the first place!

*UPDATE* - 1up

is saying that Nintendo won for the Wiimote, so now I officially have no idea what’s going on.