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RUMOR - New Fire Emblem: Goddess of Dawn info

by rawmeatcowboy
10 January 2007
GN 1.0 / 2.0

A couple pieces of scanned art, as well as some info showed up in my inbox. The info is said to be from the recent scan that we posted, but I have no way of verifying. I will mark as rumor for now just to be safe. The text below comes direct from the email. Thanks to Terrinigmafreak for the heads up!

New character named Nike. She is the queen of the Wolf Laguz hailing from the Desert of Death to the East of Tellius:


New character named Raphael The Heron Prince:


New info:

* Sothe is Mikaya’s younger brother - they are not blood related though
* It seems Gallia and Begnion are at war
* Game may be split into parts, with the first part focusing on the Dawn Group

The translated story:

Three years have passed since the Continent of Tellius was shook by the war between Crimea and Daein. The victorious Crimea began rebuilding its lands under their Queen Elincia, orphan of the fallen King.

On the other hand, the defeated Daein is put under the rule of the Begnion Empire. However those of the old Daein Kingdom are troubled with the oppression by the imperial garrison, and live each day with despair.

In order to escape from this plight, and to save the lives of many Daein citizens, several brave warriors rise by the capital of Nevassa. Their courageous actions are set to shake the whole continent…