Quickspot headed to US

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We covered this game a long time ago. One of those DS games you never think will see the light of day in the US. The idea of the game is very simple. All you do is look at two versions of a picture. The two pictures have slight differences, and you have to spot them by pointing them out on the touch screen. You can find a version of this game in just about every bowling alley/bar in the United States. Now Bandai-Namco has made the decision to bring Quickspot over to us lucky Americans.

Quickspot has 3 single player modes, and 3 multiplayer modes. Each single player mode has slight variations on the sametype of game. In all of them you will be pointing out differences in pictures, and facing a boss at the end of a level. Multiplayer modes include 2 download play, and one where you actually pass the DS around. Expect the game sometime in 2nd Quarter.


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