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Sonic and the Secret Rings info

by rawmeatcowboy
18 January 2007
GN 1.0 / 2.0

Reader Titankiller sent in a load of new Sonic and the Secret Rings info, which comes from gaming publication Games Master.

Wii sonic art thumb

Game will feature 10 levels, 5 of which are listed below

-Sand Oasis
-Dinosaur Jungle
-Evil Foundry
-Levitated Ruin
-Pirate Storm

Sonic now has customizable skills. It is said that there are somewhere around 100 skills that Sonic can learn. Skills range from how Sonic handles, to his moves, to special abilities. Sonic holds 4 rings that allow for 500 points worth (each) of skills. Experience points are earned through the main game.

One new move slows down time through a soul meter. This move is much like the speed up move we saw in various trailers, but with an opposite outcome.

40 multiplayer games

Each level has 10 missions such as stealth attack, rampage, chain challenge, beat the clock, and more.

The latest issue of Games Master has a ton more info, as well as brand new screens. Make sure you pick up a copy to read up on the rest of the news!