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After the honeymoon: The Wii

by rawmeatcowboy
26 January 2007
GN 1.0 / 2.0

We have all had a good amount of time with our Wiis now. You’ve most likely played through Zelda, had your Wii Sports fun, created levels in Elebits, and are checking out the Wii News channel. So now that you have had the system in your home for awhile, do you love it as much as you thought? Is it even better than you expected, or is it boring you to death? Personally, I am enjoying the hell out of the system. It is huge amounts of fun with family, friends, and even alone. WarioWare has added in another great game to get parties going, while the Virtual Console is currently keeping me busy with A Link to the Past. I am also still making my way through Elebits, and snooping around Hyrule for hidden goodies in Twilight Princess. Let’s just say that the Wii is keeping me very busy.

Ars Technica has taken a look at the Wii after these past weeks to see if the fun level is holding up. Take a look at an excerpt below, then click over for the full, 2 page article.

Nintendo did something new, launched at a great price, and put the focus squarely back on fun. They’ve added more features and more games since we last looked at the system, and the Virtual Console has really taken off. If Sony and Microsoft haven’t started taking the Wii seriously as a competitor they need to: the Wii is getting ready to eat everyone’s lunch.

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