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Super Mario Galaxy 2 - The mysterious figures of Shiverburn Galaxy (UPDATE)

by rawmeatcowboy
11 June 2010
GN Version 3.1

Reader Kevin sent in a very interesting tip about Super Mario Galaxy 2. He told me of some mysterious figures that he saw while visiting Shiverburn Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2. Unfortunately, he didn’t have any pics to show off his findings. No worries though, as I got my camera and snapped some pics of my own.

Finding these ‘figures’ is really easy. Just go to Shiverburn Galaxy, turn to your left and go into first-person camera mode. Then, look up to the top of the cliffs above you, and you’ll see…


Those are the best pics I could get, and I really don’t think doing direct-feed would give any better visuals. As far as I can tell, there’s nothing else around the entire valley that looks like this. I don’t know what you guys see, but I see two sort-of human-like figures on the left, and some undetermined shape on the right.

Also, I don’t believe you could ever actually reach those figures for a closer look. I think they’re part of the game’s drawn background, which will never actually get any closer to you, no matter how far out your travel. Hop in the game and check it out for yourself. I hope I’m wrong!

Leave a comment, as I’d love to hear what your opinion on this is!

UPDATE - Now things get even weirder! This new image comes from reader Girrrtacos, who did some mighty-fine detective work to take us one step further. I’ll let him explain the situation in his own works.

This is what I’ve found by hacking. It is in the sky model, and it’s called “BeyondHellValleySky”. The texture for those creepy things (seen in the bottom left) is called “HellValleySkyTree”. Maybe they’re weird lookin’ trees?


Well…now I’m really freaked out…