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Fight Night Wii in consideration

by rawmeatcowboy
09 February 2007
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EA Sports producer Michael Blank talks possibilities of Fight Night on the Wii with DogHouseBoxing…

DHB: The Nintendo Wii just came out. Are you planning on doing a version for that system with its revolutionary controller system?

MB: We’re talking about it right now. We’re contemplating and we definitely feel there are some exciting things we can do with the Fight Night franchise and the Wii. When you play Wii Boxing it is a very simple experience and I think that is what they designed it to be just to let you know that you can throw punches. With Fight Night we have an amazing simulation of Boxing and so we need to take those Wii controls and tailor it to what the Fight Night consumer might want to experience. We are looking at it right now and I am sure you will something some time in the future on the Wii.

Full interview here