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RUMOR - Sonic getting a new voice actor

by rawmeatcowboy
14 July 2010
GN Version 3.1

When SEGA said that there was franchise-changing news about Sonic coming our way, the only thing I could think of was a new voice actor. To my surprise, it seems like things are heading in that direction.

Current Sonic voice actor Jason Griffith seems to be on the way out. He has confirmed that he’s not providing the voice of Sonic in Sonic Colors.

Thanks for sending [a video of Sonic Colours]. Not sure who is voicing Sonic, unfortunately, so I can’t really say. Also, we have all signed NDA’s in the past, so I don’t really “speak up” on a lot of things involving SEGA.


Could Sonic Colors debut with a new voice for Sonic? If so, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the return of Jaleel White. What else is he doing right now that he couldn’t return?! Thanks to TimmiT for the heads up!