Suda51 reveals the biggest drinker in the game industry, and the straight-edge dev (which one is Sakurai?!)

Suda51 has let loose with some random information. He’s been speaking about the dev in the game industry that can really put away the alcoholic beverages!

“Nagoshi-San from Sega, creator of Super Monkey Ball and Yakuza, is the biggest drinker. (He) drinks wine A LOT - like really, wow.”

So if Nagoshi is the heaviest drinker, which one stays away from alcohol?

“Mr. Sakurai is probably the worst. He doesn’t drink at all - he keeps drinking cola.”

Seems fitting that Suda knows this info, doesn’t it?! I also love that the man behind Monkey Ball is a huge drinker. That’s probably how he came up with the crazy idea of Monkey Ball!


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