The Nintendo dev that was reduced to tears by Super Mario Advance 4

The following comments come from Nintendo’s Yusuke Amano, a planner, in relation to working on Super Mario Advance 4 and it’s “Super Skills” movie feature…

“I wasn’t really that good at video games, but [Shigeyuki] Asuke-san, who later directed New Super Mario Bros. Wii, took care of me. However, Asuke-san had extremely high expectations for the quality of the Super Skills movies. He’d be like, “Be sure to go down the very center of the pipe!” and “Don’t jump any more here than is necessary!” And then, just when I thought I’d done a good job, he’d pan it, saying, “It doesn’t look like a real person played it.””

This is where Iwata interjected to tell a story about how he heard of a dev that was reduced to tears due to Asuke’s rough guidance. This is when Amano admitted that he was the person that ended up crying! Thankfully, all the trouble was worth it, as Amano eventually handled the Super Guide feature on New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Turns out that almost didn’t happen due to scheduling issues during development, but it all worked out in the end.


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