Japanese magazine claims Nintendo World 2011 show-goers were plagued with dizziness, eye fatigue from 3DS

Japanese magazine Friday has a feature on impressions of the 3DS from Nintendo World 2011, the first public showing of the 3DS in Japan. If the report is to be believed, a large number of people that played the device were impacted quite negatively by the 3D effect.

- players experienced symptoms of dizziness within 10 minutes of playing
- one 30 year-old man says his time with the Sengoku Musou Chronicles demo felt good at the beginning, but in a few minutes he couldn’t take the 3D anymore
- many users claimed eye fatigue
- some people said fatigue can be reduced by holding the 3DS in a fixed position
- half of those interviewed said the 3D effects on 3DS will accelerate eye fatigue in a short time
- many were looking forward to checking out the 3D effects, but had to turn them off shortly after


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