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Team Ninja's DS game announced - Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword *UPDATE 3*

by rawmeatcowboy
27 March 2007
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Not a DS screen…screen is from SNES re-release

That’s right, the news comes to us via a Japanese gaming magazine. The title is being called a “3D polygon action game”. It doesn’t seem that there are any scans at the moment, and I am not even sure there are screens of the game at all. This is the only bit of info we have right now. I would prefer my Ninja Gaiden in 2D, but who knows exactly what 3D polygon action game means. Hopefully we will learn a lot more about this soon!

UPDATE - A crappy quality picture of Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword. Better than nothing!

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UPDATE 2 - It seems that the entire game is controlled via the stylus, minus blocking. Tap where you want to walk, double tap for jump, and attack with stylus commands.

UPDATE 3 - Another scan


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