Greg Hastings discusses how he got into helping create his games

A portion of a CWC interview with Greg Hastings…

CoffeeWithGames: First, thanks for taking the time for the interview. Can you tell the readers a little about how you got started in paintball, and how that lead to pitching the idea for creating a paintball video game?

Greg Hastings: The same way many have started. A friend took me to play back in 1987 and the adrenaline rush was immediately captivating! I was playing Kelly Slater Pro Surfer with my buddy Stephen 10 years ago. I knew the participation of paintball and was mad that no one [had] taken our sport serious enough to make a console game supporting it. Shooters were hot from the word go, and hello, paintball IS a shooter! I got on the phone with a friend who knew about finance, since every idea cost money to get going. I landed in Seattle a few weeks later and started the franchise. It ramped up over a year and before we knew it, we had enough money to finish the game and publishers contacting us.

Full interview here

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