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Madden NFL 12 on Wii has refined visual style, handful of new features

by rawmeatcowboy
21 June 2011
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A portion of a PureNintendo interview with EA…

Q: Explain the artistic direction of the game. Does it still have the cartoony graphics? If yes, explain the reasoning behind going with that direction the last few Madden Wii games?

EA: We made the decision to go with a more stylized art direction a few years back since we had been using the same style for 20 years of Madden and felt like it was time for a change. Each year since then, we have revisited the look of our player model and made revisions to it. This year was no exception. We have tweaked the player model to have less exaggerated features such as the bulging player equipment, large hands, etc… We added ref’s back in the game this year and they also have a similar art style that matches the look of our game. Each iteration of Madden we will continue to look at how the art style matches the vision of the product and continue to make changes to improve upon it. We like the tweaks we have made this year and it still gives us the unique look we are trying to achieve.

Q: Are their any new features or game modes in this year’s Madden on the Wii?

EA: Yes, quite a bit actually. This year we offer full support for the # 1 feature requested by the community: Classic Controller and Classic Controller Pro. The Classic Controller will be fully compatible with online and offline in this year’s Madden. Also, for gamers who want a more retro experience, we are supporting a new Horizontal Style control scheme where you flip the Wii Remote sideways and use a 2 button approach to play the game. We have upgraded our presentation with all new pre-game, post-game, post-play reactions, new touchdown celebration system, injury decisions, on demand stats, and the list goes on from there. My favorite feature we have added is in-game specific challenges that the player can work toward conquering in the areas of gameplay, social modes, and Franchise. It is an achievement system where players are rewarded with alternate uniforms, stadiums, and powered-up footballs for increasing game completion. Once you’re done collecting, visit the Awards Rooms where you can showcase all the awards you have earned. Our Franchise mode is back with some improvements. In Madden NFL 12 you will be able to start your team from scratch with Fantasy Draft, Hire and Fire Coaches, compete in an auction style player/coach signing game, take part in a new contract negotiation system, and create a player with the Player Editor. In summary, new controller schemes to give you more options, an upgraded in game presentation, a robust Award system, and Franchise improvements will hopefully keep players in the game and playing for hours.

Q: Anything special for the Wii version of Madden that is not in other versions?

EA: Madden NFL 12 for the Wii is completely different than other console versions. This year we have added something exclusive to the Wii we are calling “On Demand Stats.” At any point pre-play you can use the Wii Remote and hover over any player or the Score HUD with the cursor and get up to the minute stats of what is going on in the game. There is no need any more to pause the game and check out stats. The biggest thing I’d say we do differently is our Franchise Mode. Franchise on the Wii gives you the ability to move your team past the greatest franchises and become the NFL #1 legacy of all time and it is all laid out on your virtual campus. If you don’t manage the expectations of the fans, make money, or succeed on the field you can be fired from your organization. We also have two unique social modes with Road to the Super Bowl and Madden Showdown. It is the perfect balance of a grab your friends for co-op mode, then battle them to become king of the couch. All modes, with the exception of Franchise, can be played 5 on 5 as well as 11 on 11.

Full interview here