Nintendo Power preview - Rayman Origins, Solatorobo, Sneak Eater 3D, Table of Contents and more


Rayman Origins

- reconfirmed for 3DS and Wii
- Characters can climb on-top of one another
- this allows you to reach new areas
- smack each other
- this doesn’t hurt, but it can mess up a jump or bump your buddy into an enemy
- uses the UbiArt Framework engine that allows artists to import artwork directly into the game
- level example: jungle filled with butterflies
- features sausage platforms that frown when you land on them
- swing from beards of floating monks
- Rayman can hover, Globox can hang from ledges with his teeth
- enemies will have various personalities
- one enemy likes to torment Lums by rubbing them on his armpits
- boss: huge, flesh-eating plan with a giant mouth
- hunt down this boss by climbing upwards through a cavern


- described by CyberConnect2’s president as “A mystery filled adventure, a world of floating islands, winsome animal characters, coll mechs - this is what boys and girls dream about”
- spent 10 years proposing/refining the idea
- 3 years alone to develop
- action RPG
- set in a midair archipelagos populated by sentient, French-speaking cats and dogs who pilot mechanized robots and zeppelin-like airships
- play as Red Savarin, a dog that cruises the skies with a bone between his teeth
- sidekick is Chocolat Gelato
- visit cities and sign up for quests
- puzzle-filled dungeons
- fight off mysterious invaders
- use a stun gun to fight, but also use a mech that lifts/throws enemies
- flight mechanics include jet engines and jet packs to add to your mech
- handdrawn backgrounds
- event scenes mix 2D art and 3D backgrounds



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