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RUMOR - Rockstar's Table Tennis heading to the Wii

by rawmeatcowboy
07 May 2007
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Our friend Falfelkid is at it again with another rumor. He seems to have been spurred on by the Soul Calibur rumor we talked about last week. Here’s what Falafelkid had to say…

Expect Rockstar´s ´Table Tennis´ to come out on the Wii. I have been told that it is likely to be the first Rockstar title heading to Wii.


First Rockstar title coming to the Wii. That might be a really tight squeeze considering that Manhunt 2 is slated for sometime this summer (GameStop says Aug 1st). I would think that news of the title would have come out by now. This has been a long standing Wii rumor, and now it’s come back from the dead. Thanks to BASILHS & Cheswick for the heads up!