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Parappa creator officially creating Wii game, says other consoles are too big to sell

by rawmeatcowboy
15 May 2007
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Why aren’t the PS3 and 360 selling well in Japan? Parappa’s daddy and NanaOn-Sha boss Masaya Matsuura says it’s because the damn systems are too big! The PS3 is just to large of a system to be appealing to the Japanese public, and the 360’s power supply is too big for the Japanese to consider purchasing. His thoughts on Wii…?

“Wii is a very good piece of hardware. Many talented people from Nintendo make great ideas for game hardware, of course. Already I’ve been starting to think about Wii software, but it’s very hard sometimes. Because can you keep shaking the controller for hours? Players can’t spend a long time on gameplay, so this can be tough. So I respect Nintendo’s activities, but for software designers like us, it’s very hard.”

Mr. Matsuura is planning a one button game for the Wii, and said that work may begin soon. Mr. Matsuura also said that the publisher of this game may announce it soon.