Tommy Tallarico talks Revolution/Spongebob game

tallaricoFor those of you that don’t know, Tommy Tallarico has been making music for video games for years now. He recently got a chance to check out the Revolution at THQ’s event, and left some impressions on the IGN boards.

“Rev Controller was interesting but it didn’t totally blow me away as some were expecting. Need to see more games for it I guess. It was running the new SpongeBob game from THQ. The coolest part was that the controller could be used it different ways for different gameplay mechanics and levels. For example, sometimes you would turn it on it’s side as use it as a steering wheel. Other times you held it upright and used it like a flight stick. And another time you could use it like a hammer or pick-axe to destroy stuff. The game itself was running off the GameCube (with the Rev Controller) so I can’t really comment on the graphics… they looked like an old GameCube game.”

Tommy says he wasn’t blown away by the controller, and then he goes on to discuss how the coolest part about the game was the Revmote functionality. I guess he is saying he enjoyed the controller, but not as much as he thought he would. Then again, perhaps he is saying that he didn’t enjoy the actual game at all, but the best part of the game was the Revmote aspect. It’s just a little hard to decipher those comments.

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