FOG and Nibris team up

“Although the games market always has been and likely always will be driven to a large degree by franchise titles, many publishers are realizing that they cannot simply recycle the classic franchises over and over indefinitely in new packaging, and are aggressively looking for titles that can become new franchises. At the same time, the public is crying out for less replication and more innovation in game play, which has been one of the driving factors behind the success of Nintendo’s Wii console recently. When we evaluated Nibris and their highly anticipated Wii title Sadness, we saw a level of creativity, passion and devotion to innovation that we have seen with past clients like Westwood Studios, when they were launching Command & Conquer, and we know those qualities will be rewarded in the marketplace.” - FOG Chairman and CEO Ed Dille

“We have closely watched how FOG Studios has helped other developers from our region, and from around the world for that matter, achieve a level of success that many teams aspire to, but often don’t reach…Also the fact that they do not shield their clients from their customers, the publishers, as a way of maintaining their power base, but instead help to facilitate direct and lasting relationships between their clients and customers to create ongoing, self sustaining partnerships. This is the mark of a great partner, and we are proud to be working with them.” - Nibris CEO Piotr Babieno

I want to believe in you Nibris, I really do. Please, get something out on the market!


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