Mercury Meltdown Revolution gets another official date, Flipper Critters ships

FLIPPER CRITTERS for the Nintendo DS

Flipper Critters for the Nintendo DS is a platform based journey where the cute, furry inhabitants travel through a fantasy world filled with puzzles and perilous quests, offering a fun and engaging spin to pinball. The game is Rated for Everyone and is available now at retailers
nationwide for a suggested retail price of $14.99.

Monkey and Tiger travel through the Flipper Critters fantasy world on a mission to fulfill their ultimate goal - saving their friend Bull, or so they think. Each quest takes the furry creatures to a pinball table landscaped by mountain valleys, towering castles and even includes a trip to the moon! Taking advantage of the DS System’s features, the game not only uses the dual screens to show off every aspect of the vibrant, cartoony world, but also incorporates the touch screen to activate switches and ramps. You can also bring a friend into the action through Multi-Card play!

Flipper Critters mini-games feature the characters mastering new skills, such as in the Flying Battle, where players fly a vehicle and throw bananas, furious carrots, bitter lemons and heated melons at opponents to score points.


The award winning Mercury Meltdown Revolution for the next-generation Wii system will launch on October 16th, the addictive, safe gaming alternative to playing with dangerous transition metals. Mercury Meltdown Revolution is rated E for Everyone and will be available at major retailers nationwide for $19.99.

Set within a colorful virtual lab, you’ll guide a silvery mercury blob through more than 150 levels of chemical frolic that tests your reflexes and nerve. Balance the Wii Remote in both hands as
you tilt the vividly rendered world of Mercury Meltdown Revolution. Carefully creep the slippery blob through mazes, avoid mechanical obstacles, and balance on wobbly platforms that threaten to toss you into the abyss.

Foresight is a must in Mercury Meltdown Revolution as doors lock out the wrong colored blob. Be ready to handle more than one blob at a time, careful to keep enough mercury in play to complete the level. If you avoid the traps, which can take a chunk out of your blob,
you’ll squish and squirm your way to a new Mercury Meltdown Revolution lab. The game is all about precision control and timing. This game will have you leaning sideways, backwards, and every which way in the hopes of nudging your blob just a little bit further, or have you crying out loud as your blob lands with a sad splat on the lab floor.

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