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Nintendo financial news - profits, losses, and Wii for less then $250

by rawmeatcowboy
25 May 2006
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A ton of financial related news came in about Nintendo this morning, I will try to sum up the more interesting bits.

Nintendo is expecting to sell 6 million units of the Wii from launch until next March. Nintendo is looking to match that with 17 million units of Wii software sold.

Nintendo saw a 19% decline in annual operating profit. Shares fell by 8%. Extremely strong sales of the DS were not enough to offset losses on the GameCube.

Nintendo is looking at a profit of 110 billion yen ($975 million) compared to the previous forecast of 113 billion yen.

Operating profit this year for franchise characters such as Mario, Donkey Kong and Pokemon came in around 90.35 billion yen, down from 111.52 billion yen.

Nintendo saw a rise in net profit coming in at 98.38 billion yen due to currency gains.

16 million DS units have been sold since launch, GameCube sold 2.35 million units worldwide in 2005, and the GBA series sold 8.3 million units worldwide.

Finally, Bloomberg Japan is reporting that the Wii will be selling for less than $250. Keep in mind that $249 would be less!

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