The History of Metroid

Yes, another article put together that chronicles Samus’ adventures. Looking back on past games is great, but I can’t shake the disappointment that came from Prime 3. I am not talking about gameplay, I’m talking about sales. This title should be trouncing titles like Carnival Games, but it isn’t. I am not knocking Carnival Games in any way…I am just saying that MP3:C deserved a lot more recognition than it got. The consumer response was very lackluster. I can’t blame consumers though. In this instance, I feel the blame falls squarely on Nintendo themselves. Where was the promotion for this game, other than the Wii preview channel and one commercial? Sure we saw some flash banners, but those don’t spread the word to an audience wide enough.


At least those of us that picked up the game can enjoy it, and reminisce about the old title as well. We love you Samus, we really do.


Article here

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