Something old...but new, and something completely new *UPDATE*

Some new scans/screens popped up over the night. There are some higher resolution scans of Super Paper Mario that we saw in a full scan version a few days ago. Next there is a 4 screen compilation of DK Barrel Blast that is a mix of old and new, and then we have some pictures of a Jump magazine feature on Pokemon Diamond/Pearl. Some interesting news on Pokemon Diamond/Pearl…Nintendo will be giving the game an official unveiling during Tokyo’s World Hobby fair, which takes place later this month. Now it’s time for some screens!

Super Paper Mario


DK Barrel Blast (Does anyone have a sneaking suspicion that you will play this with the bongos?!)


Pokemon Diamond/Pearl


*UPDATE* - Our Pokemon rep Kater gives us some translated info from the scans.

1st off The Day/Night system makes a return with Evening, Night, Mourning, Noon, and Afternoon. The Pokemon Sprites will look slightly different depending on if its Male or Female. The Prof. Japanese name is Nanakamodo. Manaphy knows an attack called Heart Swap, unknown new attack no other details on it. Buoysel knows Agility. Lucario knows Metal Claw. Buoysel’s abilitly is Swift Swim. Lucario’s ability is Inner Focus. Manaphy has a new ability called Moist Body. This cures any stats effect when its raining. The Pokedex now has a weight comparion feature between trainer and pokemon. Buosel is #56 in the Shinou Pokedex. Finally, the watch acts as a Pokenav entitled Poketchi which has a new feature called Time Managements

You can also find clearer scans HERE, thanks Justin NG! (caution, a few risque pictures can be found in the previous link)

Link & Link

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