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Wii expends more energy than traditional gaming...but not by much

by rawmeatcowboy
21 December 2007
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11 teenagers, ages 13-15, were part of a study to see how much energy playing the Wii expends. The children were tested at rest, then were tested while playing 15 minutes of PGR 3, then the same amount of time was spent on Wii Sports Bowling, Boxing, and Tennis. Below are the results.

* Project Gotham Racing 3: 125.5 kJ/kg/min
* Wii Sports bowling: 190.6 kJ/kg/min
* Wii Sports boxing: 198.1 kJ/kg/min
* Wii Sports tennis: 202.5 kJ/kg/min

So the Wii wins out, but not by a landslide. This study was funded by Cake, Nintendo’s UK PR team.