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You know what’s freaky? When you are almost falling asleep, and you hear someone talking outside. I live up on a mountain, so sound travels from higher up the hill down to my house. I can hear two people fighting/talking. I know it’s one of the neighbors…but it’s freaky nonetheless! I am going to get some sleep before I start getting really freaked out! Have a great morning everyone, I’ll see you in a few hours.


If you guys have been reading the site for a long time, you know that the GoNintendo crew has been to a handful of Video Game Live shows. The love affair started pretty much alongside GoNintendo, and our fondness has only grown since then. Every chance we get, we always attend a show. I have also had the absolute pleasure of getting to know Tommy Tallarico, one of the guys behind Video Games Live. He’s also created the soundtracks to hundreds of games. Just today we talked about Earthworm Jim’s return to the VC. That means that one of Mr. Tallarico’s classic soundtracks will be returning as well. Tommy Tallarico’s influence on the industry has been absolutely huge, and is another reason why I love paying my respect to him by attending his shows. I can honestly say that he is one of the nicest guys I have gotten to know in the industry.

So, that leaves us with a truly kick-ass show that features some of the greatest gaming soundtracks known to man, a full orchestra playing the tunes live, and a host that truly cares about the game industry. If you haven’t attended one of these shows yet, you are truly missing out. These are the types of tours that really spread the word about video games, and help to do away with some of the negative stereotypes that the industry has had attached to it. They can be pure enjoyment for anyone…even those that have never picked up a game controller. I can’t tell you how many VGL shows I have been to where some of the attendees are at the show just to hear a night of good music. They don’t know Sonic from Mario, but they know a truly great audio/visual experience when they are at one.

That leads us to this Saturday, the Beacon Theater in NYC. We have been dying for a VGL show to come to somewhere close to the warehouse. We are always traveling out to Connecticut, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and even California to check out the shows. Now, we have an event that is just barely an hour away. That means the crew gets to bring people that have never seen the show before. My parents have been dying to take in a VGL experience, and this time they get to do so. My aunt and cousins are also coming along. On top of that, some other staffers/friends are attending as well. It’s going to be an experience like none other. I have waited so long for some of my family to experience VGL. It really is a show that means the world to me. Not just because of my love of game music, but because of what the show sets out to do. Seriously, I have been counting the days until this event.

It looks like a lot of other people have been waiting as well. The NYC show has been sold out for weeks, so I am expecting a fantastic turnout. I’ve talked back and for with Mr. Tallarico about the great turnout, and he is just as excited. He’s also assured me that this show will feature some new pieces, and will play host to some very special guests. Attendees of this show are in for a treat!

That’s why I want to ask…are any of our readers attending the NYC show? I hope that some of you guys are going to be there. It would be great to meet up, say hey, and just enjoy the show together! Who knows, we might even be involved in a contest at the show! If you are in the area and want to attend, the only thing I can tell you to do is hunt for tickets on eBay. The show seriously is sold out, so outlets like eBay and other auctoin sites are your only option. If you are attending, or are at least going to try to…please leave a comment. If not, I’d love to hear from anyone that has ever seen VGL. Leave a comment and let people know why these shows are such a blast. I really wish I could take all of you guys with us!

Video Games Live is just one event that is really making a difference in the game industry. Years ago, events like this could never happen. Now, VGL has been touring for years, and has huge success following it everywhere it goes. I am proud/honored to attend every single time I go.

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