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Notes from Activision conference call - Next Guitar Hero info soon, big news for Tony Hawk DS title, Wii to sell double PS3, and more

by rawmeatcowboy
08 May 2008
GN 1.0 / 2.0

A few snippets from Activision’s conference call…

- Guitar Hero and Call of Duty important for the future

- triple the number of Guitar Hero SKUs, quadruple the local song content in Europe, more than triple downloadable song content overall, and more than double the in-store kiosk presence

- info on the next Guitar Hero game will come within two weeks, and there will be significant leaps forward for the series

- Call of Duty 5 reconfirmed for Wii and DS, and will feature a ‘new military theater’

- an exclusive Tony Hawk game for the DS (due out this year) “that utilizes new technology not yet seen …”

- Tony Hawk console game in fiscal year 2010 “This title will have two years in development to deliver the kind of breakthrough this franchise needs… We’re very bullish on the kind of innovation this will bring. This won’t be your father’s Tony Hawk.”

- Bizarre Creations is “deep in development” for two racing titles. No platforms announced

- Hardware sales estimates for this year

PS2 - 2-3 million
PS3 - 3-4 million
Xbox 360 - 4-5 million
Wii - 7 million
handhelds combined - 11 million