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Kid Icarus pops up on retailer listing

by rawmeatcowboy
15 May 2008
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DVDfeed is a service used in Australia that keeps track of DVD and game releases, among other things. They have a database of games that is updated, and then the info is sent off to game retailers. I’ve posted a bit more info from the DVDfeed website below.

DVDfeed is a digital content syndicator & distributor - our Product Data & Digital Content solutions are ideal for Australian web site owners and retail operators looking to add quality content and data to enhance depth of information and appeal of products, boosts visitor interest and confidence, and helps increase sales and overall customer satisfaction. Coverage of virtually all publishers of DVD & Games in Australia. 40+ data fields. Up to 3 months advanced notice.

PALGN has a running feed of all the games that come into DVDfeed, and reader Jarrod just noticed that Kid Icarus was added to their list. Once again, the title appeared on this list due to an addition by DVDfeed. I am yet to find any other retailer that has listed the game, which most-likely makes DVDfeed the first service to get a confirmation of the title.

We all pretty much know that the game exists. We just have to wait until E3 to ‘officially’ find out!