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Shigeru Miyamoto expands his empire

by rawmeatcowboy
24 May 2008
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The New York Times has an absolutely wonderful article about Miyamoto. It’s hard to read it without coming away feeling happy, and inspired. The article quickly chronicles Miyamoto’s work at Nintendo, and discusses his most recent successes, such as Wii Fit. There are also quotes scattered throughout that praise the man that made Nintendo what it is.

“Without Miyamoto, Nintendo would be back making playing cards. He probably inspires 99 percent of the developers out there today. You can even say there wouldn’t be video games today if it wasn’t for Miyamoto and Nintendo. He’s the granddad of all game developers, but the funny thing is that for all of his legacy, for all of the mainstay iconic characters he’s designed and created, he is still pushing the limits with things like Wii Fit.” - Andy McNamara, editor in chief of Game Informer

“I feel that people like Mario and people like Link and the other characters we’ve created not for the characters themselves, but because the games they appear in are fun. And because people enjoy playing those games first, they come to love the characters as well.” - Shigeru Miyamoto

Check out the article here