Bigben Interactive - 5 new titles lined up

Some roughly translated details on 5 new projects from Bigben Interactive…

Nimrod (Wii) - amateur hunting game, several locations, and may come with a shotgun Wiimote/Nunchuk shell

Body Coaching (Wii) - gym classes, dietary advice, training, and more. Will be sold with two dumbbells that will house Wiimotes

Kick Party (Wii) - utilizes some sort of foot interactivity. Various party games using your feet (soccer, bowling, football)

Rock Legend (DS) - sounds a lot like Guitar Hero: On Tour, some sort of peripheral-based game. Slide the DS into a guitar/speaker setup to play

Dance Floor (DS) - Choreography game that plays out like a touch version of DDR


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Tags: ds, wii


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