Did you know today is rumor day?!

I didn’t get the memo this morning, must have skipped over my inbox. Anyway, today has been a huge rumor day…for the ones that I posted there are triple that I don’t. Here comes another one from the IGN boards, which has stemmed quite a convo over there, as well as Neo-Gaf. Quoted from the thread, which discusses Wii and DS rumors…

“…voice communication will be via wireless, head-mounted microphones…”

“Some peripherals for the DS will be compatible with Wii and vice-versa.”

“Many Nintendo first party games (specifically games designed for a younger audience) will feature a new system currently being developed by Nintendo called ‘voice to text communication’.

The system works using an advanced voice recognition system which Nintendo has been developing for several years. When a user speaks the sound is converted into on screen text and sent to the other players. However, rather than just plain text being sent the system also picks up the tone, pitch and volume of the voice and translates that into colour, font size and character set. For example, if a player shouts ‘I win’ loudly into the microphone the on screen text may be all capitalized, and in a large red font; conversely if a player speaks quietly the font may be a pastel shade and smaller.

This system also allows online voice communication to be easily censored by the user.”

Now that the rumor is out there, it is time for some debunking. I know you guys love tearing this stuff apart, so have at it! Thanks to all of you who emailed me this info.


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