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Datel - you want to use Freeloader? Don't upgrade to 3.3

by rawmeatcowboy
19 June 2008
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Remember when Datel said that the Freeloader was future-proof? I bet they wish they didn’t make that statement. Below is an email sent out by Gameseek, containing a statement from Datel. Basically, it lets you know that if you want to use the Freeloader, you need Wii firmware version 3.2. Thanks to Mukee for the heads up!

We have received this from Datel today regarding Freeloader - and we wanted to let you know this important information ASAP to keep you informed:

*** Please note, due to circumstances beyond our control Wii Freeloader is not compatible with latest version Wii firmware 3.3 and higher, just released (released as an online update 17/06/2008). You can continue to use Wii Freeloader perfectly with any Wii console running firmware 3.2 and below. If you upgrade to Wii firmware 3.3 or higher this WILL disable the Freeloader function and it will stop working for all future use on all import games. ***

I have included Extensive information about this at the bottom of this email, with thanks.

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Best Regards,
Team Gameseek


For 99% of all users they will not be effected by the new firmware 3.3 upgrade providing that they do not upgrade their console and follow / continue to follow correct loading instructions for the Freeloader, as clearly outlined in manual. The Freeloader should be used / loaded for all games from all regions and should not be used just for import games only… I repeat the Freeloader should be used when loading any games from any country or any region. For example if you live in Germany you should still use Freeloader when loading German games and also Freeloader should be used when loading import games. Freeloader should be used on ALL games from anywhere in the Universe.

Using the Freeloader correctly disables parts / elements of all/most future updates.