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IGN Nintendo Voice Chat Ep. 13 - summary

by rawmeatcowboy
24 June 2008
GN 1.0 / 2.0

Rock Band
- Underwhelming - comes very late after other versions, the great features aren’t in the Wii version
- Can’t make own band members
- Drums not wireless - there was an error on the press release
- Sub-par stereo sound

Madden All-Play
- Visuals “updated” - looks like they’re tweaking with the system
- 5 on 5 mode - easier to play - ex: throw automatically
- Call Your Shot: Draw own shots - can do this online
- Overall, gameplay more fast, “arcadey” - Bozon says this isn’t a bad thing
- Core football isn’t gimped (not too much missing from other versions)
- Hardcore gamers will go for the 360 version, casual gamers will go for the Wii version

Tiger Woods
- Feels good, graphics improved
- Colors more vibrant, frame rate is good
- Feels more polished, controls have been improved greatly
- Game accounts for full motion
- Matt is impressed with the game
- Game all about motion
- 4 player online at the same time (can see other people hitting the golf balls)
- Ball Battle: Zoom in screen on ball with heavy metal music - point remote at screen, pull it in any direction - friends scramble to pull it (to mess up a player)

We Love Golf
- Tiger way better than We Love Golf according to Matt

Guitar Hero World Tour
- Looks like you can play downloaded songs right off of SD card
- Proving things are possible on Wii (ex: downloadable content to SD card)
- Experience will be like Rock Band
- Every feature in Xbox 360 + PS3 versions will be in the Wii version

Moon (DS)
- Matt thinks Moon will be coming to Wii, wants to confirm his theory with the developers
- Looks good so far
- Good concept
- PR guy that Matt spoke to said the game is a DS version of System Shock 2

- 3D, cool, very difficult game
- There’s a fat chocobo
- Even though the game is hard, it’s very rewarding
- Uses FFIII graphics engine
- Both screens used this time - maps in dungeons
- Tons of voice-acting

Guitar Hero On Tour
- Peripheral works well
- Some complaints: Only 4 buttons (but still difficult), cramp-inducing, song list isn’t as great as what you’ll see on consoles
- Lame songs still fun to play

Final Fantasy Tactics A2
- Very very good, but it’s the same
- A lot like FF Tactics Advanced
- Square put a ton of polish on the game

Deadly Creatures
- Something about the aspect of playing as tarantula is cool
- Gilbert Gottfried providing voice talent for tarantula
- Music, voices are great - Elijah Wood, David Spade providing voice work as well

Sim City Wii
- Being developed by Hudson
- Looks promising
- Draw roads with Wiimote, can draw curved roads for the first time

Top Spin 3 DS
- Good framerate - was a big issue in last version
- Nothing really has changed
- Gameplay is great, better than the Wii version

- Review coming soon
- It’s a cool game but not amazing
- Every level starts off slow
- Will probably earn something in the mid-7s

Reader mail
- It is possible to fill all 4 pages on the Wii menu if you only buy NES games (maybe TurboGrafx-16 too)
- GBA games on VC would be a good idea - the GBA is basically like the SNES
- Abysmal sales of Boom Blox: Game should have been on WiiWare, Steven Spielberg wasn’t mentioned enough - marketing not good enough either
- Madden 09: Load times are shorter, whole experience more streamlined
- THQ’s Big Huge Games Wii project: Game still in development, not sure if it’ll be on Wii - haven’t heard much on it lately
- Megaman 9 - not sure which system it’s coming out for
- Dark Wing Duck RPG - whole crew would buy it if it were in development
- Capcom’s E3 list (Project 1, 2) - One of these games is a Wii game - Matt says there’s more from Capcom for Wii
- Final Fantasy 6 and Crono Trigger on VC - Square Enix loves to remake games - don’t expect these titles on the VC anytime soon
- Leaked Silicon Knights footage: Not sure about it, Matt forgot to ask a guy who he met from Silicon Knights
- Publishers imposing limits on reviewers: Part of the industry but MGS4 situation was out of control
- Daemon started playing Wii Fit, feeling it working, Bozon done with Wii Fit challenge - lost 21-22 lbs in 30 lbs (did other activities with Wii Fit)
- Talk about hardcore gaming dying: Daemon doesn’t think it’s dying
- Block Breaker Deluxe: Breakout, but with a pointer
- Where are the Wii RPGs? - Tales of Symphonia coming out soon, others coming out soon
- In Wii Fit, the trainers’ lips don’t move: Would have required 2 extra days of programming (joke) - Matt wishes you could modify the trainer’s look