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IGN Nintendo Voice Chat Ep. 14 - Summary

by rawmeatcowboy
02 July 2008
GN 1.0 / 2.0

Chocobo Mystery Dungeon Wii
-Daemon really likes it.
-”Great challenge without being too frustrating.”
-A lot more strategy than Pokemon Myster Dungeon series. Job system heavily affects how you play.
-”Feels like a very polished last gen game.”

Magenetica Twist (WiiWare)
-Craig thinks it’s pretty good, but the DS verison is better.
-Hard to quickly turn around because of the remote.
-Disappointing that there is no online, but still local multiplayer.

FIFA ‘09
-Not as good as PES ‘08, but will be the best this year because apparently there is no PES ‘09 announced.
-Uses the basic system PES ‘08 uses, but misses features such as picking up teammates.

Mario Super Sluggers
-Initial opinion shattered (thought it was really stupid), pleasantly surprised.
-Nunchuck support, you can play NES style.
-Lots of options, minigames, and feels arcady.
-Weird waggle stuff still, such as running faster. Same speed when throwing, no matter how fast you throw it with the remote.
-Doesn’t feel as good as Wii Sports Baseball. Not better than Power Pros and Strikers feels better.
-Characters that have different colors have different stats with each of the different colors.
-Bozon thinks he likes the Gamecube version better.

De Blob
-Developers have apparently fixed the framerate issues, and that was one of the few problems that Matt had with it.
-Matt thinks it will be fun sleeper title as well as Deady Creatures.
-Doesn’t know what is going on with the DS verison, and they have only seen the Wii verison.

-Some Samba de Amigo maraca talk. Nothing officially confirmed yet.
-IGN UK really likes the game.

Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People
-They are getting more and more excited for it.
-Great quotes in the game, and it’s very funny. It’s made for fans of Homestar Runner, and if you aren’t a fan you probably won’t get it.
-Tons of fanservice in the game. Main title screen is like the site menu.
-Made more for Wii than Sam and Max is.
-Bozon said that the framerate wasn’t consistant in and earlier build, not sure if thats fixed.
-4 Episodes coming to WiiWare.
-Daemon will review it.

Sam and Max Wii
-Looks fun, but it’s the exact same as the PC version.
-Bozon jokes about point and click brawler.

Boogie Superstar
-”Boogie for girls.” All characters are girls.
-Matt says that they changed the characters but unfortunately didn’t change any of the gameplay mechanics.
-The first sold really well on Wii.

-Bozon says that Final Fantasy 4 gets REALLY hard after about an hour and a half.

-Send IGN Blast Works levels for a contest.

Q: What do you think about Mega Man 9?
A: Good addition to WiiWare library. Knew about it for a long time, but they couldn’t tell us about it. “Going to kick the ass out of Wario Land Shake It!” Bozon apparently doesn’t like Wario Land… neither does Matt for some reason. They say Wario Land “is going to be horrible.” I hate you Bozon.

Q: Why no 4 player Point Blank on Wii?
A: Who knows. Lack of effort. Hint towards to a ‘post E3′ shooter… hard to tell if their joking… they’re trying to be secretive I guess.

Q: Why no GTA trilogy port with waggle?
A: A question that can’t be answered. Rockstar games bomb on Wii.

Q: Where can you get a paddle for DS?
A: Answers… many of them.

No Manga channel coming.

Q: Arc Rise Fantasia excitement?
A: Matt is excited. No one else knows what it is. Visually looks really nice.

Q: Next balance board game that could be good?
A: Skate It is not bad. Kinda fun. Cool use of the balance board that they can’t talk about yet. “Has potential.” Visual look is okay. All the city has been evacuated except for one skater… excuse as why there are no other people. Rayman 3 looks kinda cool.

Q: Is Wii Music still being developed?
A: For sure. Matt says it has been recently shown in Japan. Matt seems certain that it will be at E3.

Q: Plasma or LCD?
A: Plasma for Wii.

Q: What’s up with Retro’s ugly site?
A: Not sure. Thinks that it looks really ugly.

-Thought F-Zero GX was awesome, despite what Miyamoto says about it. Craig isn’t a huge fan.

Q: Animal Crossing Wii or Pikmin 3 first?
A: Matt seems to think that it will be at E3 because the leader of the development team will be at E3, and IGN is talking to him. Craig seems to think Pikmin 3 will be seen first because he thinks Animal Crossing takes more time to develop. Kid Icarus will be at E3. Matt says he can’t wait to see a new IP at E3.

Q: What’s up with long load times for 3rd parties?
A: Nintendo knows what they are doing. Many 3rd parties are lazy.

Q: Rock Band 2 for Wii?
A: Probably will come next year, and it will still be a sloppy port. Says that GH dominates the Wii market.

Q: Time Splitters 4 coming out for Wii?
A: Not sure. Craig thinks a spinoff is more likely.

Q: Monster Hunter 3 at E3?
A: Truly don’t know. A lot more information about Fatal Frame 4 and Tenchu 4 and some more King Story stuff.

Q: Soma Bringer for US?
A: Don’t know…

Q: Golden Sun Wii?
A: Developers would like to do it. No details.

Q: Force Unleashed or Clone Wars?
A: Lots more Force Unleashed stuff this week. Not enough information on Clone Wars. Impressed by Force Unleashed. Responsive Wii controls.

Q: Castlevania Wii?
A: Knew about it, think its weird. Wished it was 2D.

Q: Any word on a new Paper Mario game?
A: Nope. Think Luigi’s Mansion 2 would be cool.

Q: MLB Power Pros have motion for every aspect of the game?
A: Nope. One Wiimote mode. Bozon thinks its really awesome.

Q: Odds of Skies of Arcadia sequel for Wii at E3?
A: Pretty much say it’s not coming.

-Bozon has lost 21 1/2 pounds.
-Sounded like Nintendo reps were excited for more stuff at E3. They don’t know all of it. Expect EA exercising games.
-Apparently the new James Bond is pretty cool on DS.
-Platinum Games will be at E3. Expect exclusive things. Mad World is ridiculously violent. Matt says its really cool, and it looks like a lot of fun. Matt has seen more than just the trailer.
-Moon video coming soon.
-They really are hinting at big games before and at E3.