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Pizza Hut giving away Wii/DS

by rawmeatcowboy
23 August 2006
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Pizza Hut…my home away from home. The disgustingly greasy, gross, always makes you feel sick pizza place that GoNintendo staffers love to go to. Why do we like torturing ourselves? I wish I could give you that answer! Well now all you lucky people who live in the Mexican Republic have a chance to eat some gross pizza, and win a Wii or DS!

Participating Pizza Huts are giving customers to win all sorts of prizes, but the ones we are interested in are the DS Lites and Nintendo Wiis! If you live anywhere in the Mexican Republic, and love Pizza Hut…then click the link below to find out how to win! Huge thanks to Enrique for the heads up.

pizza hut logo

Check out the site here

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