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E3 Nintendo Developer Roundtable live-blog - Pikmin in development

by rawmeatcowboy
16 July 2008
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I don’t know if anything will come out of this or not, but I will keep you updated as best I can. If my internet cuts out, I will make sure to text message Bethany with big details.

Right now, Animal Crossing: City Folk is the topic of discussion

- Halloween has returned to the game

- WiiConnect 24 will send you new items

- the city has a theater that puts on comedy shows

- friends can visit the city while you aren’t there, and the other way around as well

- You are now able to create the front, back, and sleeves of your shirt

- once again, you can take photos, save them to an SD card, and send them to friends

- If you have a friend that leaves the town, the connection will disappear for everyone…just like Wild World

- you can transport your Wild World DS character to City Life to play as them. You can also bring data that represents all of your all of your items/collectables, and then visit Tom Nook in the Wii version to recollect them.

- You can take character data to your DS, move the data to a friend’s Wii, and visit a town that way. That’s for people that don’t have wifi at home.

- In Japan, you can take your DS to a download station to grab the new content for City Folk.

- the DLC is brand-new, not already on the disc

- There will be no NES titles available in City Folk

- There will be no interconnectivity with the Wii Forecast Channel, on real-time in-game weather.

- seasons are still inverted for souther hemisphere

We’ve moved onto Wii Sports Resort. No new information yet, just dev playthroughs of each game.

- Wii MotionPlus measures angles of rotation and adds that measurement to what the Wiimote is already capable of, allowing for 1:1 motion.

- Wii Sports Resort features multiplayer in the sense of passing Wiimotes with MotionPlus attached, and then there are other multiplayer games that require each player to have a MotionPlus accessory.

- the resort setting was picked because it fit well with the collection of games included. Nintendo cannot talk about the total number of games in Wii Sports Resort, but they are hoping that there are at least 10.

- The MotionPlus was created just because there were games they would like to do, but the Wiimote didn’t allow for it. It wasn’t created as a necessity, but just something to make more movement possible.

- Nintendo will not answer whether the original Wii Airplane demo will be present in Wii Sports Resort.

- Nintendo is trying to decide whether or not they should create a Wiimote that has the motionplus tech already inside, instead of as an accessory. They have not made a decision at this time.

- Nintendo is trying to use the motionplus in a way that doesn’t over-complicate games, but adds to the overall experience.

We are moving on to Wii Music…

- So far, just a rehash of all the stuff we know

- there are roughly 50 songs. public domain songs, popular licensed music as well

- Nintendo isn’t thinking about adding new music via WC24. They do respect the growing connection rate and use of WC24, but they are mainly concerned with the widest user base possible.

- Someone asks why Nintendo is calling this a game instead of a musical toy. Isn’t it more like a toy, the person asked. Miyamoto answered (not verbatim), yes…it is more like a toy. That’s why it’s more fun than a video game.

Nintendo will not comment on a direct-sequel to Wave Race, but they feel that the mode within Wii Sports Resort will surpass Wave Race in depth

Miyamoto says that Pikmin team and the Zelda team are all enjoying creating their games…but he does not mention specifically what games they are working on. Of course, this statement would lead us to believe that they are hard at work on Zelda and Pikmin sequels.

Miyamoto just 100% confirmed Pikmin. his official statement as ‘We are making Pikmin’

Wii Music will feature tutorials for other instruments besides drums

That’s it!