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Kojima talks about his idea of next-next gen

by rawmeatcowboy
21 July 2008
GN 1.0 / 2.0

“We will keep on making games for consoles and the graphics and sound quality will get better and better. But I think no matter how much we improve the quality, there is only so much we can hear or see. The next level will be when we start improving the backgrounds, the things you don’t instantly see but enhance the experience. For example, there are leaves in the background and when you water them they grow. Instead of the backgrounds being pre-programmed, they actually respond to what the player does. This is not possible right now but maybe in the future it will be, and that is when we will have entered the next era of gaming.” - Hideo Kojima

Hmmm…watering leaves in a game. I wonder what he could be thinking of making. Kojima and Shigeru on Pikmin 4 confirmed!