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European Wii event on Sept 15th

by rawmeatcowboy
30 August 2006
GN 1.0 / 2.0

Okay Nintendo, what is going on here! Just last week we found out that Nintendo will be holding a press event in the US on Sept 14th. While the details of the event haven’t been released, we know that the Wii and DS will be present. The biggest rumor going around is that Nintendo will announce the Wii price point and release date at this event…but once again, nothing has been confirmed by The Big N besides the date itself.

Now Nintendo of Europe has announced that a press event much like the one in the US will be taking place in London on Sept 15th. Following in NoA’s footsteps, NoE has not announced what is the specific point of the event, but based on the US event, we can guess that the DS and Wii will be there.

Are we going to see a 3 day press event from Nintendo? Perhaps a Japanese announcement on the 13th, (or 16th), a US announcement on the 14th, and a European announcement on the 15th? This may be the Wii release date/pricing event we have been waiting for…just split up between major territories. Now if we could only find out about the Japanese piece of the puzzle…

Boy am I glad this story popped up before I went to bed! Catch you in about 6 hours guys!