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Elebits Wii sequel confirmed, possibly more Dewy (and a lot more)

by rawmeatcowboy
05 August 2008
GN 1.0 / 2.0

A portion of a Siliconera interview with Gregg Nolan, Product Manager…

S: How do you think the fans of Elebits are going to react to the change? Do you think they are going to be overwhelmed or did the Wii version leave gamers longing for more?

GN: That’s a great question. We actually put some screenshots, game description, some teaser stuff on IGN a few weeks ago and it was really cool to read some of the comments people left. A number of people were excited to have another Elebits experience. A lot of them said I wish this was released on the Wii, which you know isn’t completely out of the question. That’s probably going to happen in the future

A lot of people also said they loved the first game, but it was repetitive gameplay and they stopped playing it halfway through. The good news is they enjoyed the game to play halfway through. The bad news is they found it repetitive and didn’t finish. With the second game, like I said the producers and game designers really went back and taken all of this feedback into creating a very compelling story. In the first game basically the repetition was opening objects, opening doors, throwing objects to find these Elebits. It was basically the same thing over and over again, just a different environment. The second story is unique in that you travel through different maps to different locations, kind of Zelda-esque. The really compelling part is using the Omega Elebits to make it a supernatural experience.

S: Wait you said Elebits is probably going to come out for the Wii? Do you mean there is going to be Elebits: Adventures of Kai & Zero on the Wii or is there going to be a brand new Elebits game?

GN: This is also a good question. One question I’ve asked of our producers and we sat and discussed this. There are a lot of press and fans that enjoyed the first game on the Wii and my question to my producer and the game designers was is the DS story the new direction for the franchise? Mukaitouge-san who is the producer of the first one basically said that the DS experience will be the next direction for the next DS experience. The first Wii game will be the story and the starting point for the next Wii game. There will be two stories that happen in tandem, one on the Wii and one on the DS. They will overlap with characters, environments, and things like that, but each platform will have its own experience.

S: Speaking of Konami franchises we haven’t seen anything with Dewy for awhile. Can we expect him to pop up on the DS?

GN: I would say you should keep your eyes open for Dewy. I’m not sure what platform he will be on, but it’s definitely been discussed. I can’t say that anything at this point is on the schedule, but there have been talks about a second Dewy.

There is a lot more discussed in the full interview, make sure to check it out