GoNintendo 'End of day' thoughts - What the hell happened to A Boy and His Blob DS?


This is a bit disturbing, and makes typing a bit hard. My left wrist started to kill me last night, as if I sprained it. The pain spreads to three of my fingers, making it oh-so-fun to type! Let’s hope that clears up by the time I rise-and-shine for Tuesday’s work. I’m off to bed, gang. When you read this, I hope you had a wonderful night of sleep! See you in a few hours, friends.


This is one of those game situations that really pisses me off. I’ve been thinking about this one for a good while now, which has probably filled me with more rage as the time went on. Long story short, where is A Boy and His Blob for the DS?!


My days with the NES were spent playing a ton of games, but A Boy and His Blob will always stand out as one of my favorites. The gameplay is exactly what I like from my puzzle/adventure games. The various locations, the unique puzzles, the inventive gameplay mechanics…it really stood out from the typical side-scroller fodder on the NES. I played the hell out of this game, as did the rest of my family. It was one of those titles that you could sit down with your parents (in my case, my Mom) to work out the tough parts. The game definitely had some head-scratching moments, which is to be expected for a young gamer like myself. I was new to this genre, and A Boy and his Blob really set me on the path to seek out other games of the same kind.

I played the NES game, as well as the sequel for the Game Boy. Both titles remain fond gaming memories. Who knew that the DS would bring us a sequel to the long-dead franchise. Majesco was behind the upcoming third entry in the series, and I couldn’t have been more excited. Finally, the blob was coming back, and a new adventure would begin.


Well…I am still waiting. It’s been 3 years since the game was announced, and nothing has come out. From the little news that is out there, it looks like the game was cancelled. It happened to be one of the unfortunate victims of Majesco’s poor financial situation…one they are still working themselves out of right now. That’s a real shame…because from what I’ve heard, the game was actually 100% complete. Majesco just didn’t have the funding to get the game out the door.

Majesco is in a different place now. They are doing better and better with every fiscal period. They have refocused on platforms where they can make money…the DS and Wii. The company has a huge lineup of titles for both platforms that they are set to publish. With all this going on for Majesco, it seems like the perfect time to bring this DS sequel back. Hell, there may only be about 10 fans of the series left in the world…but we want the new game, damnit! It’s time to give A Boy and His Blob DS a chance!

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