First bits of Resident Wiivil info *UPDATE*

A bit of info from REHorror

news 248 1Voice actress Tara Platt is to do Jill Valentine in the upcoming RE:Wii game. She confirmed to us that the game will feature zombies (or at the least, zombie-like enemies) and plant creatures, as well as a wide array of weaponry. The fact that Ms. Platt was aware of the weapons in the game infers that she is voicing a playable character and is not just doing a cameo. Jill being the main character increases the likelihood of seeing Carlos or Barry turn up as well.

There is also a bit of unconfirmed info coming from Gamespot’s community

Read this from a games magazine in HK today - its called Biohazard : Umbrella Corp Chronicles and fills in the story on Umbrella before and leading to BH4. Gameplay is a mix between using the Wiimote as a light gun and BH4 style elements e.g. action buttons pressing X for a dramatic scene. It features scenarios from BH1 (museum), BH2 (police station), BH3 (raccoon city), BHCV and BH4 (village) and ties in the gaps especially BHCV and BH4. Characters include Chris/Claire, Leon / Ada, Jill / Carlos, Rebecca, Hunk and Wesker . There are two gameplay modes - scenario mode and arcade mode. Proper announcement to be made by Capcom at TGS

We do know that the Chinese magazine HK was due to print info on Resident Wiivil on September 1st, but I cannot confirm that the above statement is true. To sum things up, the Jill Valentine bit is 100% true, and the Gamespot info is very likely. Thanks to Temp, Creamsugar, and Granvillekidd for the heads up.

*UPDATE* Ms. Platt has made another statement, which discusses her voicework, and how it may not be for the Wii version after all.

I don’t want to disseminate incorrect information, and I cannot actually verify that I am in Wii or the Biohazard 5 game, all I know for sure is that the contract (for the game I did work on) had the title BIOHAZARD (but it could be any number of varying title offshoots from that same company).


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