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RUMOR - LucasArts upset with Nintendo over MotionPlus announcement

by rawmeatcowboy
13 August 2008
GN 1.0 / 2.0

The latest issue of Game Informer comes with some talk of the MotionPlus announcement at E3. I know I was surprised to see the accessory announced…I never thought Nintendo would do something like that. As we have heard, third parties didn’t think that either. Almost all third parties were left in the dark concerning the MotionPlus. They found out when we did, and were just as shocked as us.

One company that is said to be extremely upset is LucasArts. With Star Wars: The Clone Wars being a Wii-exclusive, you would think Nintendo might have let them in on this secret. Everyone wants a 1:1 Wiimote/lightsaber game, and if LucasArts knew of the MotionPlus, they might have been able to deliver something by accessory launch. Instead, Nintendo hid the announcement from all. The biggest slap in the face was showing off The Clone Wars during the E3 media briefing. Announce the MotionPlus, and then show us the Star Wars game that doesn’t use it…not very nice, Nintendo.

This is one of those rumors that isn’t very hard to believe at all.