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IGN Nintendo Voice Chat podcast - summary

by rawmeatcowboy
18 August 2008
GN 1.0 / 2.0

Mario Super Sluggers
- The more you play it, the more you enjoy it - Bozon
- A lot of waggle
- With nunchuck you can aim, becomes a little more fun
- Arcade baseball, fun

- IGN exclusives planned throughout the week

NPD Data
- Nintendo still on top
- Crazy numbers since July wasn’t a huge month for Nintendo
- Bozon says that third-party games ARE selling on Wii, he had the numbers right in front of him
- Upward trend with sequels (Madden, Guitar Hero)
- Matt says there are a lot of misconceptions about sales numbers on Wii
- Tiger Woods selling best on Wii

- Some talk about Metroid Prime 3, Matt praises its graphics highly - Says art the best on Wii. Galaxy has better tech.
- Bozon thinks he likes Metroid out of the big 3, Matt still sticks by Mario Galaxy - loves music, looks good on the new screen in the IGN demo room

EA Studio Showcase
- Talked a lot about casual games and partnerships (such as Grasshopper Manufacture)
- Matt was psyched until he heard that the game isn’t Wii exclusive

Harry Potter for Wii
- Probably won’t come out until next year because of movie delay
- IGN team all agree that the game should be delayed until the movie releases

Henry Hatsworth
- Both screens work together
- Nice style, plays smoothly
- The game has a lot of personality, carefree
- Matt + Bozon are worried about the level of challenge
- Not releasing until next year

Boogie Superstar
- Plays like the first one
- Swing Wiimote in time with the music

Celebrity Sports Showdown
- Strange cast of celebrities, competing in random activities

Order Up!
- Surprisingly good, fun single-player game
- Over the months, the game got a lot better and more polished
- Blend of Diner Dash and Cooking Mama

Dokapon Kingdom
- Rip of Mario Party, but much better than Mario Party
- Board game that you play with the Wiimote, but there are RPG elements
- RPG mechanics instead of mini-games, but it works and it’s fun
- Matt thinks it’s surprisingly good
- No IR, no motion, no online
- Play with the Wiimote sideways

Overlord games
- One for DS, one for Wii
- New games, spin-offs
- Wii version takes place before the first one
- Releasing in 09
- On DS, only four different minions

Swords and Soldiers
- Made from the original creators of de Blob
- “Side-scrolling real-time strategy game”
- Some people think it looks like Castle Crashers

Bangai-O Spirits
- Hardcore shooter
- Opposite of most software released on the DS
- Really difficult

- Zenses: Rainforest Edition is for the hardcore puzzle fan

Rubik’s World (Wii)
- Running more smoothly now, not as framey and more polished
- Can play with rubik’s cube, there are variations on it
- There are also other games (puzzles)
- If reasonably priced, it could be a good buy - Matt
- Bozon played the DS version, played multiplayer - Was simple, it’s another casual game, but cool
- Daemon makes a comment that there’s nothing wrong with being casual as long as it’s done well

- Chrono Trigger releasing November 25 for the DS in the US

Reader questions
- Capcom or Nintendo advertising Mega Man 9 in any way? Matt + Bozon don’t really know. Maybe magazine ads.
- What happened to the Kirby game for the Cube? As far as the IGN Nintendo team knows, it’s still in development. Might see it on Wii in some form or another.
- How often is cleaning day at IGN? Rarely, usually when the company president comes by
- If the IGN team could ban one question on the podcast, what would it be? “When’s Nintendo going to announce their new hardcore game?” “Where’s the game Reggie talked about in this interview?” “Why didn’t Miyamoto show this at E3?”
- Metroid Prime Hunters 2? Haven’t heard anything, Metroid Prime Hunters sold decently
- Daemon likes Michael Phelps, Bozon isn’t really in love with him
- Games for a grandma on the DS: My Word Coach, Cooking Mama
- New Headstrong game tomorrow: Matt knows what it is, have known what it is for more than a year, have been talking about it for a while - coverage of the game at 7 AM PST - It’s not Zelda 2, Matt says Wii owners will be pleased, but says we should settle down (Bozon says use your brain, it’s SEGA. It’s not Sonic)
- More oldschool games like Mega Man 9? Konami might put something out. Companies probably waiting to see how Mega Man 9 performs.
- Nintendo screwing themselves over by concentrating on casual fans that may forget about them? Matt doesn’t think so, at least not yet. Casuals buying software that even the traditional gamers buy (ex: Sports games)
- Thoughts on Little King’s Story: Matt and Bozon want to play it, has a lot of potential
- No Double Dragon game since SNES? Can’t be answered
- Info on new Bond Game? Might be a bad sign that we haven’t seen it for Wii yet, Matt has no details
- Tales of Symphonia? Will have it playable soon, maybe next week
- Did the Nintendo team see the announcement for Kore on Wii? Art style nice, looks sort of like a basic platforming game but solid. Nothing really Wii-like about it.
- Messed around with Korg DS-10? Full-fledged professional synthesizer, will be lost if you’re not a musician
- Thoughts on Strong Bad? Took a couple of hours to finish, worth it if you’re a Homestar fan. Preview of episode 2 this week.
- Godfather II for Wii? Daemon asked EA about it, don’t have plans to bring the game to Wii
- Any chance of Headstrong Games making Battalion Wars 3? Battalion Wars 2 didn’t sell too well, don’t count on it
- Besides LucasArts, are developers talking about using Wii MotionPlus? High Voltage Software seemed excited about it, but are busy with other stuff, probably Tiger. Still can’t use it as a third-party.
- Gut feeling about Castlevania Judgement? Save money for Order of Ecclesia. Really rough. There’s still time to develop it, though.
- Why doesn’t Nintendo release schedule for WiiWare/VC games? Won’t be happening. Nintendo doesn’t treat third-parties too well.
- Thoughts about content on the Nintendo Channel? Content is okay, weird that they take down DS demos.
- US release date for Fatal Frame 4? No official release date, Matt still thinks it’s coming, maybe a Q1 or Q2 title.
- Recommend Disgaea on PSP or DS? Daemon says you should choose the DS version, but get the DS version if you don’t have a PSP
- Bionic Commando Rearmed awesome or super-awesome? Super-awesome. Nice game all-around
- Best strategy RPG on DS? Disgaea or FF: Tactics for Daemon, Bozon likes Disgea
- Mega Man 9 release date? This September