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Australia - Disaster: Day of Crisis "definitely not" in 2008

by rawmeatcowboy
21 August 2008
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The OFLC rated Disaster: Day of Crisis, and with that finding, Nintendo fans around the world let out a cheer. The long-delayed game isn’t dead yet…and this rating gives us a new glimmer of hope for the title’s release. While we can smile with a newfound existence for the game, we shouldn’t hold our breath for a 2008 release.

According to Heather Murphy, PR for Nintendo of Australia, Disaster is ‘definitely not’ going to release in 2008. According to her, 2009 is looking like the year of the Disaster. Whether that means beginning, middle, or end of the year remains to be seen.

Thanks to AusGamer for the last two stories, and the extra legwork with this one!