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*UPDATE* NGamer Wii/DS information!

by rawmeatcowboy
07 September 2006
GN 1.0 / 2.0

EA has gotten in touch with me to give an official statement on Spore for the Wii/DS. While the info was indeed posted in NGamer and on IGN, IGN’s story has since been changed, and NGamer has posted a retraction on their website. Click here to read the official word. All Spore info has been removed from this post.

Reader DrDark was nice enough to run through issue 2 of NGamer, and pick out some juicy Wii/DS details. Check out the list of goodies below.

Taken from NGamer magazine…

Sensor bar is “50% smaller”, “little bigger than a couple of pencils glued together.”
Wii-mote’s 6kb of internal memory “personalises your remote - potentially storing things like sensitivity, y-axis settings for FPSs, and even scores and saves.”
Wii-mote runs on two AA batteries, offering around 60 hours of gameplay. That amount’s reduced to half (around 30 hours) if using the sensor bar though.
[Talking about SD cards] “these tiny cards can be used to store game saves and virtual console games, but Digital Right Management features mean you can’t play your games on someone else’s Wii.”

So we have some new Wii info, and some rehashed info to fill your brain with.

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