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IGN Voice Chat podcast - summary (Star Wars: Battlefront confirmed for Wii?)

by rawmeatcowboy
26 August 2008
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Bomberman WiiWare
- 8 player online multiplayer
- Mii support
- 4 players from same console online at once
- Matt & Bozon are psyched, sounds fun

Tiger Woods

- Awesome, fun game, but still has some flaws and old issues - Matt
- Still a step up from previous games

On the radar list for 2008
- Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (Sept. 16) - Bozon likes the Wii version more than the 360. Everything seemed to flow better in the Wii version.
- Wario Land (Septemebr 22) - Good old-school platforming mechanics - feels like the games you grew up with playing - Matt
- de Blob (September 22) - Matt says you absolutely need to support this game
- Dokapon Kingdom (October 14) - Fun Mario Party with a twist
- Naruto: Clash of Ninja 2 - Still good and still cool
- Guitar Hero: World Tour - Working, functioning Guitar Hero that has everything the other games have plus Wii-exclusive features
- Skate It - Matt would rather do balance board + Wiimote controls rather than just Wii remote by itself
- Tales of Sympohnia - Bozon is pumped, Matt isn’t a huge fan of the series but he’s glad it’s coming
- Little King’s Story (December 2) - Not entirely sure it’s coming out this year, Matt doesn’t think it will be
- Animal Crossing: City Folk, Deadly Creatures, Shaun White, LEGO Batman, Sim City Creature, MySims, Samba de Amigo
- DS: Lock’s Quest, Viva Pinata, Dragon Quest IV, Disgaea DS, Rune Factory 2, Bleach: Dark Souls, Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia, Gauntlet, Tecmo Bowl, Moon, Age of Empires: Mythology, Chrono Trigger DS, ASH (if we ever see it), Away Shuffle Dungeon
- Their point: The rest of the future isn’t totally bleak

- IGN will have the scoop on Renegade Kid’s next project this week

Tiger Woods 09 (again)
- One of the best golf game Matt has ever played
- Near 1:1 thing going on (not quite perfect, but really good and better than anything else we’ve seen)
- Visual boost, frame rate has been ironed out
- In the future EA should just go ground up for the Wii
- Next year they have a chance to totally redo the franchise
- Can play All-Play easy mode or standard settings (Then you can totally direct the power of your shots), Advanced setting (everything done strictly by the Wii remote, but the mode doesn’t completely deliver)
- Next year’s Tiger should be “absolutely fabulous on Wii” - Matt
- Online mode so far has been flawless, seems to run better than Madden
- Next year with Wii MotionPlus and maybe WiiSpeak it could be a must-own Wii game
- A lot of people love to hate EA but EA is doing more online and tech-wise than Nintendo is. Matt makes a few comments about how easy EA Nation is

- There haven’t been a lot of balance board games announced including Nintendo
- Matt thinks a lot of third-parties will use Wii MotionPlus in the future

- Discussion about how NHL 2K9/future hockey games could take advantage of Wii MotionPlus

WiiWare/VC slow-down
- Not a whole lot of cool WiiWare stuff coming, Bozon is hoping World of Goo will come soon
- Missing things like Super Mario RPG in Europe on the VC - haven’t had SNES or N64 game in a long time

Reader Questions
- Should Mega Man 9 be priced as a regular NES title or at 800 or so points? Mega Man fans will pay no matter what, Matt thinks the game should be cheaper across the board
- What’s the deal with Star Wars: The Force Unleashed for Wii? Is it worth buying? It’s on Bozon’s radar list, if you’re on the fence, then rent it. It’s fun and very cool. Matt thinks it’s pretty fun too.
- Early thoughts/impressions on Tales of Symphonia 2? matt doesn’t have the game yet, should have it very soon
- Any chance Guitar Hero: World Tour instruments will work with Rock Band 2? Bozon doesn’t think that will happen since they went two different routes with the tech
- Madden 09 is fun and all but why isn’t EA making the game look as good as possible? It isn’t ugly, but more can be done, still looks better than any Madden on Wii. Bozon isn’t sure if they’ll do more ever since EA could just add more features instead.
- Any revalations on any old-school style games such as Mega Man 9? Miyamoto hinted Nintendo is working on a New New Super Mario Bros., Reggie kind of hinted as well. As far as non-first party Nintendo, there are only rumblings, nothing solid.
- Lack of information on GTA: China Town Wars? Matt and Bozon give examples of how Rock Star is always tight-lipped
- Is it time to start cracking the whip again until Nintendo mentions something to someone about storage? Nintendo seems to be off in happy land again forgetting people are interested in more storage and seem to have forgotten they have forgotten hardcore gamers as well
- How good are we talking in regards to Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia? It’s better than Portrait of Ruin, not sure about Dawn of Sorrow. Bozon doesn’t know if it’ll beat out Symphonia of Night. Really cool, good.
- We keep hearing Nintendo has a redesign coming for the DS, maybe removing the GBA slot
- Is Castlevania Judgment kind of Konami’s Soul Calibur Legends? It’s too early to say but so far Matt isn’t blown away and isn’t really impressed - So far, yes
- The Conduit will get a publisher it’s just a matter of time. Major publishers have expressed interest. It’s not like a Nibris situation.
- Zelda Wii MotionPlus sword-controls, Super Mario Galaxy add-on pack or something similar, a real Resident Evil game for the Wii all realistic possibilites on Wii. Matt isn’t too sure of a true Resident Evil game though.
- Free Radical is making a Wii title, they’re doing the Wii version of Star Wars: Battlefront (the next one)
- Matt thinks Too Human is a good game but he agrees with some of the complaints (same with Bozon)
- Eternal Darkness on Wii probably won’t happen
- Anything coming for WiiWare that resembles Fat Princess for Wii? Animales de la Muerte is kind of similar, same with Swords & Soldiers
- Nintendo will probably make a design change and use Wii MotionPlus for the next Zelda. Matt thinks the franchise needs a reboot. Matt would be for a Wind Waker style. Bozon would like to see adult Wind Waker style.
- Nothing official coming for Nintendo tracks in Guitar Hero: World Tour on Wii
- Sonic and the Black Knight has a chance if the team listens to the feedback on the previous feedback (faster, don’t focus on the sword too much)
- Matt wouldn’t have considered giving Galaxy a 10 even if he knew MGS4 and GTA4 would get 10s. Matt did consider giving the game a 10 before some issues arose.
- Overlord: Dark Legend is shaping up well. Concept is cool. Should be good with the Wiimote.
- Any tidbits at TGS? There is going to be some stuff definitely such as Little King’s Story