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MCV teases with Wii info *UPDATE*

by rawmeatcowboy
08 September 2006
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Well this is kind of mean isn’t it? This is the headline to an article over at MCV…

There’s still a week to go until Nintendo officially announces the details of the Wii launch – but MCV can reveal that the new console will hit retail by November 24th, it will be priced at £149 and stock will be plentiful.

Wow MCV got the goods! If this were true, Nintendo would probably wouldn’t be too happy about them leaking it! After the attention grabbing opening, you get to see the real deal. Check out a couple excerpts…

But MCV believes that Nintendo has chosen to launch its next generation console at £149, a figure that falls slap bang in the middle of the varying estimates that have been discussed for months. MCV expects Wii to launch shortly before Friday November 24th in the UK, giving it a lengthy spell at retail in the run-up to Christmas.

OH MCV, you had me going for a minute there! Sounded like you had the concrete info, but I guess it is just speculation. Oh well…speculation…something we are all guilty of when it comes to the Wii. I will forgive you…this time!

*UPDATE*Nintendo UK boss David Yarnton has responded to the claims made by MCV over at

“(The claims are) only speculation, and definitely not fact. They’re not far off, but they’re definitely not right.”

Thanks to Mike, Pac-Man Ate My Wife, Andy, Sloppy, PasstheWiimote, Brad, Robertsware, Hf, Tally, Bjorna, Nsider, Okok, and Ivo for the heads up!


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