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NGamer corrects themselves (Spore and Wiimote rumble corrections)

by rawmeatcowboy
08 September 2006
GN 1.0 / 2.0

No Wiimote rumble? Spore to DS/Wii? We know that these bits of info were published in the most recent issue of NGamer, but they weren’t true. It appears that some speculation was thrown into the mix. An explanation is given over at the official NGamer website.

1. Wii-DS connectivity for EA’s mighty Spore? Considering that the game isn’t even announced for Wii, this is at best ‘wishful thinking’ and at worst ‘a very, very stupid thing to say’.

2. No Wii Remote rumble? Kittsy spotted that I’d made a mess of page 15 just after we finished the mag. It was too late to correct and resend the page to the printers (apparently yelling “Hold the presses!” doesn’t actually result in boiler-suited workmen running about like mad and machinery grinding to a halt). So we forget about it, assuming the worst that might happen is that a few readers might write in to point and laugh at our mistake. Of course, now it’s all over the internet. And we look very silly indeed. So, to clarify: the Wiimote does have a rumble. And a speaker. Shigsy isn’t going to kick out either feature (as far as we know). DON’T PANIC.

Oh, and the bit about Wii Virtual Console DRM in our free book can be filed under ‘informed speculation’ rather than ‘hard fact’, too.

Nice to see that something was posted to clear up these issues. And so, the world continues to spin…ever closer to the Wii information we have been yearning for.


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