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In the city, and dead tired

by rawmeatcowboy
14 September 2006
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Well, Mom Brain and I are sitting on a bench, just hangin out until the event starts. Poor Mom Brain isn’t allowed in, but don’t worry. She is going to hang out at a little cafe, grab herself some coffee, and take in the (very rainy) day.

The event should start sometime around 9 a.m. EST, and I have no idea if there is wireless access at the location. I will do all I can to get you guys info, but worst comes to worst, I will post it right after the event once I get access. That is why you should hang in our IRC Chat. Those guys are pulling info from all over the place.

Once again, I cannot stress how good of an idea the GoNintendo blogger sites are. They should stay up if GoNintendo takes a dive. For the first conference things went okay…we had some sketchy spots but we made it. I think we owe it all to the people who went to the blogger sites! I would also ask that you please do all you can to hang back from commenting on GoNintendo, at least until the conference is drawing to a close. You can feel free to comment like mad on any one of the 3 blogger pages. Once again, they can be found at…

GoNintendo Just Incase Blog 1

GoNintendo Just Incase Blog 2

GoNintendo Just Incase Blog 3

I just wanted to fill you guys in before the event. I am going to back the laptop back up, and keep it that way until the event starts. I hope we can use our laptops then! Thanks to everyone for being so cooperative, you guys did an awesome job. Also, my apologies if I have made spelling errors or any other weird mistakes. I am running on no sleep!

Once updates start, you will find them below this sentence.

Sitting in a sea of people as they are still crowding in…we listen to blasting techno, and a Wii setup that looks like a living room.

Reggie says date, price, how many units, and title information is all on the way

Lots of DS talk, Touch gen games, sales figures, all that good stuff
November 19th Wii on sale - Worldwide debut in US - 25,000 points of distribution - $249.99 - White only at launch

4 million units worldwide - US seeing biggest shipment

Harware, cables, sensor bar, 1 Wii remote, 1 nunchuck controller - All in box

Wii Bowling about to be demoed, works just like real bowling

Wii Boxing, Wii Bowling, Golf, Baseball, and Tennis all on one - Wii Sports packed into Wii box! - First console pack in since the NES

The Legend of Zelda TP & Excite Truck on launch day

Activisions launch titles as seen on IGN, Trauma Center at launch, Madden 07 NFS:Carbon at launch, Elebits, Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz, Metal Slug Anthology, RRR, Red Steel - All launch titles…more on that list as well.

30 Wii games in launch window (2006) about half on launch day - remain consistent with Cube software pricing

Wii Channels Menu - News channel shown, as well as weather, shop, photo, and others. 1 page of 12 Wii channels, expandable as well. Disc channel allows players to play Wii game or Game Cube games, Wii Shop is the Virtual Console home, The legend of zelda, Super Mario World, Super Mario 64 and Donkey Kong available for VC launch day. 10 games per month, 5 bucks for NES, 8 for SNES, and 10 for N64. Wii Points acquired online or at retaliers. 2000 Wii points card for 20 bucks at retail. Games story internally and becomes its own channel. Title is available forever once downloaded.

Mii channel shown - create character profiles. Bill Trinen is creating Samuel L Jackson. Mii characters can be transferred to Wiimote so you can take them with you. Wii games can use character profiles, such as Wii Sports.

Wii Photo channel shown - Take your SD card and plug into your Wii. Massive amounts of thumbnails shown. NoA slideshow being run. Fun things to do with photos, puzzle scramble, doodle, and more.

Wii Weather Wii News Wii Messageboard quickly discussed. Send messages to pc users, cellphones through Wii Messageboard channel.

Internet Channel discussed - downloaded with Wii points - once downloaded it can be accessed immediately

Wii remote sold seperate from nunchuck. Wiimote - 39.99 - Nunchuck 19.99

Zelda TP - Launches for GameCube on December 11th, Zelda for Wii first day

Wii connects through wifi or wired internet connection

Third party titles may be priced higher then 49.99, it is up to them. All first party games are widescreen

4 million units by Dec 31, 6 million by end of fiscal year in march

Metroid Prime 3 is a 2007 title

The first online game in Japan is Pokemon Battle Revolution - in Japan at launch - US shortly after

That is it people, conference over. I will walk around, get some pics, and get back to you later on! I won’t leave you hanging too long, I promise! AWESOME JOB with keeping the site going, I really appreciate it!