How do YOU feel about the Wii?

We post people’s impressions of the Wii all the time. You hear about this 1up editor, that Kotaku poster, this Joystiq blogger, that IGN roundtable. That stuff is all great and informative, don’t get me wrong…but I am looking for something different. I want to hear what the lifeblood of Nintendo has to say. I want to hear what the fans have to say. You have something about the Wii that is bugging you…let me hear it. Got some praise you want to throw the Wii’s way, post it right here. Anything, (as long as it is well written and constructive) be it positive or negative about the Wii, I want you guys to tell me about it.

I want YOUR voice to be heard, I want YOUR ideas and opinions to be read. You guys are what drives Nintendo, the group that they take inspiration from. Look at what just happened with Telltale and Nintendo. We bombarded Nintendo with emails and calls, and they listened. At least Telltale is in talks with Nintendo. Your opinion counts no matter what any other websites say.

I am going to combine these comments into one massive feature in an upcoming weekend…as well as bringing them into one of our upcoming podcasts. As I said, be constructive, make any point you like, and don’t attack your fellow readers for their viewpoints. We have a huge amount of intelligent readers, I want to hear what you have to say.

I will be posting a reminder about this story in our next few GoNintendo History posts as well. Once again, leave your statement in our comments section. We have a cache running on our comments page. If you submit your comment and it doesn’t show up right away, do not worry. It will pop up in 2 minutes or less.

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